Leah♥ must-have item leopard clutch 豹紋手拿包

A leopard print bag is a must-have item this season!!! Are you readyyy..? 

我每個朋友都知道我是個無藥可救的豹紋狂。我有豹紋高跟鞋/手機套/毛衣/洋裝/平底鞋..連豹紋leggings都有(哈哈) !但我一直在尋找我的那個豹紋手拿包...但很討厭~我一直找不到我心目中那個符合我所有需求的"經典款" =(   我想要來個經典簡單又永遠不退流行的豹紋手拿包...大小也要剛剛好不要太小但也不能oversized的太誇張哈哈!哎~之前一見鐘情的不是太貴 不然就是尺寸和設計都喜歡但豹紋圖案很沒質感(haha我拉我承認我好難搞:P)

All my friends know I am hopelessly addicted to animal prints, especially LEOPARD prints.  I have leopard pumps, leopard iphone case, leopard sweaters, leopard dresses, leopard leggings, and leopard flats..blah blah blah.  I’ve been looking for a classy leopard clutch for a long time but the search has proven very difficult !!  I want one that has a classic, simple and timeless look, one that’s not too small but not to big either.  Sigh..my dream leopard clutch has not shown up yet.  I either find ones which seem to be “love at first sight” which are extremely expensive or ones that are just the right size and design but the print looks too tacky…( okayy i admit it...I am high-maintenance haha:P ) 

Let's take a look of some of my favorites of the moment =) 

Jimmy Choo 


我超想要這個(但網路上都買不到了嗚嗚) 感覺這個就是可以從白天拿到晚上的超實用單品!
I'm dying for this leopard print envelope clutch right now...it is simply STUNNING.  I feel I can bring it with me day to night. 
It would be better if it comes with a wristlet..otherwise I fear I will lose it since I’m so forgetful and careless! haha=P

Let's see how people match their leopard clutches on the street.

較正式穿搭 formal look


很喜歡的部落客Chiara拿的是之前的Zara~哎歐 好喜歡她的我好想要那種尺寸喔
One of my fav fashion blogger Chiara wore a Zara clutch...I really love hers..the size is just so perfect. 
I also love her outfit-all black w/ the leopard clutch )))) thumbs up!!! 



matches well w/ the casual look toooo =D 



呼~看了這麼多照片穿搭 又被自己燒到不行=P  大家不要害羞,豹紋今年真的是紅到不行阿!其實穿著較簡單樸素時 拿個豹紋手拿包整個人就有型了起來 是不是? Leah自己是偏愛稍大的oversized款式~嗯哼目前鎖定了幾個 聖誕節前一定要找到我的夢幻阿豹手拿包拉。
(((( 現在還在期末考試中...不能看網路購物好痛苦阿~~嗚嗚=((((

After looking all these pictures, I want 'em all damnn(haha!)!!  Girlies, don’t be shy to bring a leopard clutch out since it’s really a HIT this year!!! A leopard clutch adds style to a simple outfit.  I personally prefer an oversized leopard clutch =)  I’m looking at some right now…and I will definitely get one for Christmas ;)  Sigh..it is really a pain in the ass that I can’t surf the net and shop during finals week =( 

大家還喜歡我今天的分享嗎?一直嚷嚷著說要來寫阿豹手拿包 但考試真的忙不過來阿...

今天就先這樣囉~下台一鞠躬)))) 飛吻

Do you like my post today?  I have been talking about writing a post about leopard clutches but I was worn out from all the tests and papers. Cant wait for winter vacation..it is gonna be AWESOME♥!!!! Hopefully I can share more fashion stuff and my NY life with you then!

★大家還滿意我的分享嗎?I hope you guys enjoyyy~如果喜歡的話請給小閃推推,未來的日子也請多到我的部落格Sugar Cookie((點我支持呦。 
See you soon...SMOOOOOCH 
Best wishes for a joyous 2011 holiday season


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